Team Sask Earns 42 Medals at Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games



Team Sask reaped the rewards of more than a year of hard work and training in preparation for the 2014 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games in Vancouver this past week. After a busy four days of competition, Team Sask is happy to report that they have successfully brought home 42 medals.

The Special Olympics Canada National Summer Games that happened in Vancouver, from July 8th to 12th, was the largest Summer Games ever. Team Sask 2014 was made up of 74 athletes, and 27 coaches and mission staff, making this the biggest Team Sask yet. The team has representatives from nine different Special Olympics communities. The team is comprised of 46 male and 28 female athletes, ranging in age from 14 to 57 years of age.



  • Michael Banks 3rd Place 100M Run 
  • Lucas Faye 3rd Place Shot Put Men 4kg
  • Dean Kakakaway 3rd Place 200M Run; 3rd Place Long Jump
  • Lindsay Kinnear 1st Place 200M Run; 1st Place Long Jump; 2nd Place 100M Run; 3rd Place 400M Run
  • Stephanie Reitmeier 1st Place Shot Put Women 3kg
  • Lauren Weigel 1st Place 100M Hurdles; 1st Place 3000M Run; 3rd Place Long Jump




1st Place

  • Angela Adelman
  • Jamie Caouette
  • Debora Cramer
  • Byron Deckert
  • Tania McLean




  • Coralee Cooke 2nd Place
  • Malcolm Goebel 1st Place
  • James Graham 3rd Place



  • Richard Dolan 1st Place Overall; 1st Place Singles
  • Robert Purves 3rd Place Singles
  • Dwight Safroniuk 2nd Place Overall; 2nd Place Singles



  • Jeffrey Deckert 3rd Place Level 4 Stroke Play 9 Hole




3rd Place 

  • Morris Aisaican, Andrew Anslow, Robert Bomboir Michael Daigneault, Steven Gass, Corey Gray, Simon Jackson, Jasen Kish, TerryLivingstone, Leah Pineau, Dwight Reiger, Mykle Samuelson, Adam Sanden, Travis Schiller, James Yule.




  • Jody Coles 1st Place 50M Freestyle; 2nd Place 50M Backstroke
  • Clayton Gauthier 1st Place 100M Freestyle; 2nd Place 100M Backstroke
  • Evgeny Miroshnichenko 1st Place 100M Backstroke; 3rd Place 100M Freestyle; 3rd Place 25M Backstroke
  • Colleen Morstad 1st Place 200M Backstroke; 3rd Place 100M Individual Medley
  • Michael Qing 1st Place 100M Butterfly; 1st Place 200M Butterfly; 1st Place 200M Freestyle; 1st Place 200M Individual Medley; 1st Place 400M Freestyle
  • Melissa Quinlan 1st Place 200M Backstroke; 3rd Place 50M Backstroke
  • Lindsay Reimer 2nd Place 100M Backstroke; 2nd Place 100M Freestyle; 3rd Place 100M Butterfly





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