My Story: Special Olympics Saskatchewan

Thirty-seven years has passed since the movement to provide fitness, physical recreation and sport programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities has began In the late 1960’s the concept of Special Olympics Games was pioneered by the KennedyFoundation in the United States. The competitive event was initially staged to provide a sport opportunity for persons who were mentally handicapped and to make the general public more aware of the abilities of those individuals.

Around that same time, the Saskatchewan Association for the Mentally Retarded (SAMR) approached the Saskatchewan State Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus with the idea for a similar program in our Province. Representatives from the SAMR and the Knights of Columbus attended a Canadian National Meet for the mentally handicapped on June 12th and 13th, 1969. Upon their arrival back to Saskatchewan, a Special Olympics movement in our Province was born. The first Saskatchewan Special Olympics Provincial Games was held in Regina in June 1970, with 250 Athletes participating.

At first, the Province was divided into six districts or areas with each responsible for promoting their own fitness, physical recreation, and sport programs. Today, Special Olympics Saskatchewan is divided into nine Districts Zones and accredits 18 Zones and Communities throughout the Province.

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